SQLite Expert Professional - single license + update subscription

Perpetual license with one year updates.

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SQLite Expert Professional - site license + update subscription

Perpetual license with one year updates.

20% off with coupon code 76327756835.

$999 USD Buy

Perpetual license

The license for SQLite Expert Professional is perpetual. A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed software indefinitely. For the first year, the perpetual license also entitles you to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support.

You have the option to choose between automatic and manual subscription renewal.

If you select automatic subscription, you will be billed automatically at the end of the subscription period.

If you select manual subscription, you will receive a notification towards the end of the subscription period. You will be given the option to renew the subscription for 50% of the license price.

If the subscription is not renewed manually at latest 30 days after the subscription cycle ended, then the subscription is cancelled.

The subscription can be canceled at any time by emailing support, or by using this Cancellation Form (German based customers only).

You can choose to remain with the last version downloaded by canceling the renewal of the Updates and Support plan before the next rebilling is due.

Single license

The user purchases one license to use SQLite Expert Professional on one computer. Home users may use their single computer usage license on all computers which are in property of the license owner. Business users require one license per computer SQLite Expert Professional is installed on.

Site license

The user purchases a usage license for use, by the purchaser or the purchaser's employees on an unlimited number of computers located on the same site. For an organization with locations in more than one city, each city is considered to be a separate site and would require a separate license. For an organization with several locations within the same city, a single site license is required.


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After paying the registration fee, you will receive your license key file by e-mail within 48 hours. To complete the registration process, copy the license file in the installation directory.

For any inquiry related to orders/renewals, or if you want to renew by purchase order please contact MyCommerce directly.